Here are the pictures of " Jonas" Okami 's Jack & Jones ( Hank They Ciukci - Okami 's First Lady ) living on Svalbard and has been , despite his young age ( 15 months) on an expedition to the North Pole ! Jonas participated in a span of a total of 9 dogs mixed with Greenland Dogs and Alaskan Husky and Jonas lonely Siberian Husky !

They started at 88 degrees north and after 15 days it reached 90 degrees , a rough ride with the wind and -30 degrees , the last day was 13 hours and Jonas went up like a guide dog with a Grönladshunds female and they led the team to Poland!

He has also participated in the world's northernmost draw contest called a " Trappers Trail " and is 70 km long and 2 days, the arrange of the local dog club in Longyearbyen the contest , he went along with his " old friends" and they went in 4- 6 spans class and totally finished in 5th place !

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